Why am I called an "Active Member" when I am a "retired" law enforcement officer?
The term "Active Member" in the FOP refers to both currently employed and retired
law enforcement officers with arrest powers.  It does not necessarily reflect your
current employment status nor does it indicate whether you are "active" in Lodge
Why did my membership number change when I renewed my membership?
If you do not renew your membership on time (by December 1st of each year) you
are actually dropped from the NYS Roster and the National Roster as of December
31st.  When your renewal application is received (after December 1st) you are
actually processed as a "new" member and are issued a new membership
(because you were dropped as of December 31st) according to NYS and Grand
Lodge procedures, you are a new member.

Members who renew on time (by December 1st) maintain their continuity of
membership and their old membership number.  Continuity of membership is
mostly important to your Insurance coverage.
Robert N. Lucente
Memorial Lodge 25