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New York State
Robert N. Lucente
Memorial Lodge 25

Renewal Applications will be mailed

Applications / renewals will be accepted and processed for those in attendance at this meeting
(bring your check)
We encourage all members to participate and enlist a friend or an associate member.

Support your lodge and attend the meeting, bring an active or associate member and introduce
them to your fellow members.
PLEASE  READ the application process:

New or  Renew Applications Begins ( September 2018 )  and the membership  cards are sent out at the
end of January 2019. (
any delays are due to Grand Lodge and NYS FOP process )  
Any issues After that date,  you may contact:         President, Robert at :  (631) 575. 7836  
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2019 Membership applications
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When a friend is in trouble, don’t annoy him by asking if there is anything you can do.
Think of something appropriate and just do it.
The FOP Lodge 25 Cards
Sample of Lodge card    >>>

The 2018 General meeting schedule has been set, below are the dates:  

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Set your calender to attend and support your lodge.  

Chaplains Mutual Support

"Chaplains often find themselves supporting one another
through praying together. Prayer is central to all religious
person, and is linked by grace, community and identity.   
Chaplains feel nourished and supported y their common fidelity
to prayer and love of theology. It is often through prayer that
chaplains unite in their shared vocation and offer one another
mutual support.  "
Lodge Chaplain
Rev. Fr. John Paizis

Lodge Surgeon Dr. Ken Hall
If you wish to purchase the 2019 card
FOP Lodge #25 card
Call Robert at
Next General Membership meeting:  
Thursday December 6, 2018 @ 7:00 PM
at the Hicksville FOP Headquarters
911 Police Plaza
Hicksville, N           
Dr. Keneth Hall You tube Videos
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Welcome to the NYS FOP Lodge #25 information banner >>> * * * * Election Results * * Dental and Eye Care program check below * * * There are many more important dates, review our web site and come to the meeting for further details * * * next general meeting and, has been scheduled for Thursday, December 6, 2018 @ 7 PM * * *

Lodge 25 Elected New Board Members  

Robert Guendel                      President

John J. Huber Sr.                   1st VP

Bruce Marsanico                    2nd VP

Kevin Maccabee                    Treasurer

Patricia Ruckel                       Secretary

Janet  Ryan                              Recording Secretary

Larry Sheehan                        Exec Secretary                  

Joe De Stio                             Sergent of Arms

---------------------   appointments  --------------------------------------------------------------
Marty Farrell                           Certified Public Account
Fr. John  Paizis                      Chaplain
Dr. Ken Hall                            Surgeon
Andrew  M. Lamkin Esq.       Attorney
We thank all the members that participated in the voting process

We congratulate All the elected board members.
This is a partial listing of the level set skills that a Web Master must possess:

o        Advance PC Skills
o        Yahoo Site Builder Website expertise
o        Knowledge of Script / command Languages
o        Knowledge of HTML coding to include Banner code and site builder Tool bar
o        Knowledge of Word, Text Editor, PDF and HTML coding
o.       Update Active and Associate MS Excel application forms
o        Knowledge of Insert (tab) skills with modification of Text, Photo, Gif,
     jpeg and formatting with-in panels, etc.
o        Knowledge of PC trouble shooting skills, as well as application and programming skills when
    things go wrong.
Log #25 is trying to locate a member that can update and maintain this web site
If you have the time and necessary skills,
please contact President Bob Guendel 631-575-7836